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Cell Groups

Cell Groups

Cell groups are at the heart of House of Faith Christian Centre. In fact, you can call us a “cell church”. We strive to grow this important part of our church, which began in May 2010.  We regard cell groups as a “church” within a church, essentially a “house church”:

“Connect to the Word closer to home, find a Cell Group in your area today”

Objectives of the Cell Group Ministry:

  • To provide a safe environment for members of the church to grow and develop in their spiritual walk with God (discipleship).
  • To attend, more readily, to the spiritual needs of the members of the church.
  • To promote the spirit of brotherhood, care and unity amongst members of the church.
  • To provide a platform to reach the lost, thereby growing the Kingdom and accelerating HOF membership targets.
  • To spot, nurture and develop and place leaders, not only for cell group leadership purposes but also other areas of spiritual ministry.
  • To help members develop in intercessory prayer and support intercessory program of House of Faith.

Cell groups meet every Thursday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, and consist of between 6 to 15 members each. We have groups in most Midrand suburbs but also have a group in Johannesburg South and Roodepoort. Our goal is to cover the whole of Midrand with cell groups.

Cells groups are the best way to grow and develop spiritually, sharpen your gifts, develop supportive and Godly friendships and meet new people.

Would you like to be part of a Cell Group or need more details?

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