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Grace and more Grace

While praying, the word of the Lord came to me concerning this season we are in. It was vivid in my spirit that we have entered a season of increase, grace and more grace, power, prosperity and rest. I kept on hearing words such as open heavens, dry bones live again, it is raining and times of refreshing.

I believe we are going to see the church at another dimension of power and favour like never before especially in this last quarter of the year 2012. We need to get ready by enlarging our tents and let us increase our capacity to receive. I almost hear the Holy Spirit say it is “Show off time” just like when Jesus made a public spectacle of the devil, just like God showed up and licked the water in the trenches through his fire right in front of 450 prophets of Baal when the prophet Elijah prayed. Just like He parted the Red Sea in front of the children of Israel. The list goes on and on.

Let us all get ready for this exciting time of supernatural favour, answered prayer and sudden miracles. My spirit is so excited because whatever He had said He will bring to pass. God cannot lie.

 A “set time” indicates that God has already programmed it in and no devil, or man, or government can change it. It is a set time. This “set time” is for: Favour to come upon Zion (the church)

 So rejoice Zion for your set time is here. Our responsibility is to believe, because all things are possible to those who believe. Dead situations are coming to life in this season. Restoration is hitting your life and house in this season. Your prayers have come as a memorial before God. Shout grace and more grace. Get ready because there are going to be some changes around your house – favour is here!

Confess: I am favoured of God, He loves me, prefers me, provides me special with privileges and advantage. I believe it and it so in Jesus Name..